Why do you love GIRLSMOUTH?

I love GIRLSMOUTH because no matter what time or day it is there is always so many girls available to help give you advice and someone for a chat. - Amy Hayward

Why do you love GIRLSMOUTH?

I don't want to sound to cheesy but I just wanted to say how amazing GIRLSMOUTH is! Its really helped me change my life! I have suffered with my mental health for the past 3 years and I love how much it has got me talking to people! I never would have had the confidence to like something let alone comment or post anything! You and the other Admins are doing such an amazing job and deserve to be told! - Georgia Dee Attride

Why do you love GIRLSMOUTH?

I love GIRLSMOUTH because it's somewhere that allows you to be who you want to be, and say what you want to say without being judged. - Abbie Glozier

Who, What and Why?

GIRLSMOUTH orginally started as a small group on Facebook. I made it for a place girls in my area could get together and support each other instead of tearing each other down, in a very short space of time we was gaining members rapidly. As we speak we are sitting at 88,900 members and counting. We also have a page with over 76,000 likes with all things female on it, so girls if you havent liked the page yet please do.

We have girls on there from all over the world from Germany, USA, Australia and even China and the Philippines. It's basically a big group full of females who like to chat, laugh, gossip and even cry. If you're looking for a good netflix series but can't decide then ask the girls, If you're going through a breakup and need advice then ask the girls, feeling alone and want someone to talk to then speak to the girls. We literally cover EVERYTHING in the group.

An idea was brought to us to create a website with all the content females like reading and looking at, so here we are! We are so exicted for our future and hope you will join us on our adventure, the aim is to become A HUGE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. It doesn't matter if you're not on the group, we just want you to have a place to wind down with a cuppa and chill.


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