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What is Girlsmouth? Probably a good one to start on especially if you’ve searched us into google and are assuming Girlsmouth is some weird sexual code word. I promise it isn’t! Girlsmouth is a brand, It started on Facebook as a closed all female group. The group currently is at 128,000 members and basically the vibe you get is the one you get when you’re on a night out and you meet some random girls in the loo and become soul sisters. You can go there and read through it just for entertainment, to find drama, to ask some good Netflix series, dinner inspo, ‘WHICH OUTFIT IS BEST?’ We also have a public page with 105,000 likes, I doubt but if you’re a male reading this or even someone wanting to work with us then you can visit that (also on facebook) which has some of our best content from the group alongside memes and all that jazz. We have an Instagram with nearly 10,000 followers Girlsmouth and then lastly we have a snap chat which is where girls from our group from all round the world come on and takeover for a day showing us what they get up to in their day to day life which is amazing! Be sure to add that Girlsmouth1.


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