Reviews on cheap products found online.

Bra Harness £1.99

Taylor is wearing her bra harness under a top but you can literally style this completely how you like with sooo many different items of clothing. As you can see it is a little frayed but then again it was only £1.99 and it adds that little extra to any outfit.


Sports wear £4.99

Hannah is wearing medium in size, we got the size one bigger as they do tend to come quite small. There are 3 colours to choose from Grey, pink and black. For £4.99 you can't really go wrong. Super light weight HOWEVER the material is delicate so handle with gentle hands girls!!.

Lace Bra £3.49

I am wearing the bralet in a size L but it did come up quite small (I'm not sure on my size, around 36 E). It is very pretty but after the 3rd time of wearing it my boob burst through and ripped the bra cup, but was lovely whilst it lasted!!.


Flower Jelly Lipstick £1.89

This is literally £1.89 off EBAY and it's amazing, best bargain I've ever brought I swear to god. It smells like rose/Turkish delight and is so soft, the colour changes on your lips and for a clear lipstick it's incredible, goes super vibrant! It's obviously beautiful with the little flower in the middle and hand on heart it moisturises so much. You'll love it!