Oooo hello dear (if you didn't say that in the same voice as mrs. Doubtfire then I suggest you go back and try again)

Shake your tits and say yay because THIS IS MY PAGE WOOOOOO, I'm so excited!

Chloe Todd
Chloe Todd

So last month me and the admin girls decided to do a swap box, a box in which we put loads of fun goodies in and send to the person we get (an outsider paired us together, TOP SECRET). Six of us done it so it was equal and we all got a person. I got the pleasures of sending a box to...Georgia! Which was great because I know her like the back of my hand, me being me was so excited that the next day I went online and started shopping the first few bits, got an email the next day and I've only gone and sent it to GEORGIAS ADDRESS!!! FUCKING IDIOT!!!! So she got gold masks and energising tablets sent to her house (she literally sleeps all the time, my funny joke present wasn't actually that funny when she read the box and it said WEIGHT PILLS fuck is that about?!)

LOVING @thelashdealerofficial on Instagram. As you can probably tell from my photos that I love my flycatchers. I got sent 3 different pairs of the lashes and the first thing I noticed was the packing, simple and classy. I'm really quick to judge products based on packaging, it 100% to me reflects the product so yeah I was already impressed by that. The lashes themselfs are honestly amazing, they sell for around £8 which in my opinion is incredibly reasonable, they're such high quality and by far the best brand I've used. I am always a little dubious to buy from insta shops but I will 100% be going back. To top that off, they came in like 2/3 days? So yeah 10/10 from me.

Jess was the sender of my box, she got me

Boob stress ball
Personalised girlsmouth note pad
American sweets
Bath bomb
Rice cakes for Romeo (my son)

Which I loved loved loved, however the sweets were gone in an hour


I also got her in her actual box:
Mini unicorn in a bag
Unicorn choker
Bath bombs
Once upon a time key ring
Stress ball because she's mardy
Sleeping mask
Body shop bits
Mini Yankee candles

swap box
lashess 11

@Diamondwhites1 oooo I was super excited to use this product, I've seen it everywhere! All the celebs post about it and I've heard through the grapevine that the results are really good and besides who isn't fascinated by toothpaste that is black? Surprisingly it tasted just like normal toothpaste, very minty which I didn't expect being the colour it is! My teeth felt so clean afterwards like I instantly felt like they were whiter, I used uthe tooth polish after which is really lovely and strong minty. I will keep you updated on the results!

@withlovebypolly this beautiful star for Romeos room!!! I am so obsessed with bold, quirky nursery decor at the moment so this was perfect and caught my eye straight away. It's solid wood so really good quality, the paint work is amazing and i am so excited to put it up when Romeos room is all decorated!!!


The 3 C's... charismatic cat candles! Where do I start?? They're so amazing there's not enough words to describe them..they smell absolutely phenomenal, burn for hours on end leaving my house smelling lovely! They're amazing value for money, because they burn for so long and they're super fragrant. Really fast delivery and a huge selection of scents, 100% would recommend


THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND. My god I love Tom Hanks more than life itself. I literally have grown up watching this man and his films and I adore every single one he is in. He nails his role every single film and I love how genuine and friendly he is in every interview. Just seems so humble. You're probably thinking this is a little bit of a random topic?? I've been watching the green mile today for like the 5th time and so now I'm all Tom Hanks hyped, I literally felt really emotional watching it like seeing him so young, it just really made me think all deep like woah life flashes by so quick doesn't it? LIKE IM ABOUT TO GET REAL DEEP NOW but it somehow made me think of death, like what do I even think about death. Do I believe in heaven? Do I believe in life after death? Do I believe that when we die the 'light at the end of the tunnel' is actually us coming out of a vagina being born and the reason we cry when we first enter the world is because we are sad about the fact we've just died, but it only lasts a few seconds because then your new life instantly starts? Not sure...I would love to believe there's a heaven and one day I'll be reunited with all my family again because that gives me hope but I don't think I'm going to be sitting on a cloud and visiting the 'heavenly halo' restaurant up in the sky like I imagined when I was a minor. There is something though, something that makes me reevaluate everything which is basically when my grandad was in hospital my mum went to him one night and asked if he was ok, he replied something along the lines of 'I can see bits of me floating around, I'll be ok. They're working. I'll be okay once they've put me all back together again' and my mum genuinely thought he was in about 'angels' to an is strange isn't it? And this is from a family who isn't religious in any way shape or form, my grandad died shortly after in hospital, so I 100% think of that every time my mind ever skims the subject. I say skims because thinking about it for too long really gives me anxiety and worried me, but YE I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING DEEP, thanks Hanks babe.


Hello my little ankle biters, guess who's back! I had such a fab response from my last blog post (tom hanks eat your heart out) so I'm super excited to be doing another for you all!

Can we all just stop for one second and talk about love island like literally I have the biggest withdrawals not seeing Chris and Kem on my screen. I genuinely think I might maybe be in love with Chris you know, those eyes are literally unreal aren't they? I was SO fuming when I read the cheating allegations between Liv and Bradley dack like nooooo STOP THAT are you blind?! I have no idea if that's true but the pictures do say a lot, like they speak for themselves eeeek.
I also can't believe Montana and Alex broke up so soon, makes you think it was for the cameras doesn't it? Not going to lie though, I would sack him off after watching that CRINGE video going around on twitter, if you haven't seen it you NEED to! He literally done a video about an appearance but the way he was acting was fucking strange like it made me curl my toes. 

Talking about love island, I'm still stoked that Sophie Gradon from last years promoted us on her social media and honest to god she was SO LOVELY, she done a huge lengthy snap about girlsmouth and how she thought it was so amazing and supportive, and when I was talking to her she was just so friendly and genuine. It's so incredible seeing people I've watched on my TV talk about girlsmouth, LOVE.

OMG OMG OMG these are everything, Say gurlbye to Yankee candles and hello to @thebrontecandlecompany on insta!!! I'm obsessed with smells and food so a mixture of both is just LIFE. I got these wax melts in 4 different flavours (there's so many more) which were:

• Banana nut bread
• Strawberry and clotted cream
• Carrot cake
• Almond rum and cherry cake


Ugh they're so so so good, my personal fave is the banana nut bread but they're all lovely, they smell exactly like it says on the packaging too which I'm surprised at because I've brought many waxs in my life and although they smell nice I find they don't smell like what they're called? So yeah, so impressed. I could even smell them all before I even opened the box and that screams to me OPEN. These are £2 each and I promise you now, you won't be disappointed. I'll defo be buying more for giveaways in the future because they're too good!! The link you can buy them from is

NETFLIX, food and HELP!!!! Guys I need serious help. I don't know why but the last month my diet has gone out the window and down the street, and then smashed against a lamppost. I have never been dedicated to it to be honest but the last month there's no stopping me!!!! I could eat and eat and eat, all bad things! I'm so obsessed with once upon a time on Netflix too so I just grab a bag of whatever I can find and some fizzy and wooola, my night sorted. I try to convince myself It's ok like I'll be on it again tomorrow but I'm just not, I feel like I'm waiting for something? Perhaps girlsmouth will take off one day, I'll be rich and can get liposuction, maybe...LOL ANYWAYS I guess after I've wrote this blog I will try and be good, so next time I blog I'm hoping I've been eating cleaner and I feel a little bit more un slobbish.

@theluxuryfurniturecompany oh wow, wow, wow. Anyone who knows me I'm massively into glamour, glitter and GREY so these beautiful cushions are me allllll over. Straight away you can tell they're high quality, the material, the sparkle, everything. They are honestly the most gorgeous cushions I have ever got and I will be buying so much more from the company. They have a HUGE following with loads of celebrity's who regularly take pics with the items the shop sell, so that's cool!!! I'll link a website here: