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A. Basically, me and my ex partner had been to the pub. We were both quite drunk ( I was more drunk ). We decided to have sex.. long story short.. I did anal with him, went to suck him off and there was crap on the end of his nob. Ahhh I ate my own shit. 

B. Me and my other half were getting it on in bed and he went down on me. He was like wow your really wet, he finished me off, kissed me then turned the light on to realise he was covered in blood. I wasn't wet from wet wet I was wet cause I came on my period and he kissed me..eekkk.

C. When me and my partner first got together we were living at his mums. We had sex quite regularly and I thought nothing of it until one day. His sister and mum were talking to my partner without me there, they casually mentioned that we should invest in a gag because I was so embarrassing! 

D. I was at my cousins wedding. There was the wedding planner there, so I said to my parents i'm gonna get free drinks tonight. As soon as we got there I spilt a jäger bomb on the floor so he paid for another. Then all night he kept coming up to me with different shots! I was blatantly getting so so drunk, he went home so I kept buying shots and vodka. At the end of the night, once everyone was going home or back to the hotel, me and my cousin (and her newly wedded husband) stayed at the party! The bloke behind the bar gave us 4 bottles of wine that hadn't been drunk during the night. So we made our way outside with the wine chugging it out of the bottle (smashed by this time), not even knowing what we were doing! I then decided in front of all the staff, my cousin and her husband to pull my all in one play suit down, pull down my undies and take a wee on the door step where the staff are trying to get out from. Apparently I just said hello and carried on weeing! I then followed my cousin and her husband back to their wedding suite and sat talking to them (what about I can't remember)! Her husband had to walk me back to the hotel room where my parents were. Let's just say I woke up with a stinking hangover. My bra down my stomach and my playsuit on the floor next to me! BEST NIGHT EVER. 

E. So my family went on holiday to Tenerife in May 2016, there was 17 of us including my self and my partner. On the day this happened I think we'd actually been at the water park and had all gone back to our rooms to get changed. I was running a bath and heard someone knocking at the door, shouted for my partner to get it but had no answer from him. Came out of the bathroom and couldn't seen him in the bedroom either so I answered the door. It was my auntie asking me to watch my 2 year old cousin while she went to reception as they were locked out of their room. While chatting away my aunties face drops and she instantly covered her eyes with her hands, I turn around to see my partner stood on the balcony... completely fucking naked. We all saw the funny side and I was on the floor crying with laughter but he was so embarrassed as we then had to go down to dinner with the rest of the family including the auntie that had just seen everything. 😂😂 

F. One time me and my daughters dad thought we would spice things up. This was when we were first dating anyway I blind folded him tied his hands to the bed. I tried to be all sexy and ended up slipping on the silk bed sheets kneeing him right in the balls.

G. So I have this really weird condition where my G spot swells up when I need a wee. I started getting it when I was 15 and being a virgin still it was a complete new feeling for m. Anyway, I found as time went on the more I held it in the better the feeling but one day I had no choice. Was on a transfer coach from a hotel back to the airport and there was no stops. Not only did I piss myself I let out the biggest orgasm. 🙈😂 Luckily my friends who I was traveling with knew about my condition and thank god I had extra clothes in my suitcase. 🙈😂😂😂 Safe to say a few people looked rather shocked.

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