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I was overwhelmed by the pigmentation of the palette and two single shadows I received. The colours are beautiful, extremely pigmented (as you can see from the swatches!) and long lasting. They are creamy shadows which apply with ease to your eyes - perfect, I know! I absolutely love glittery pigments and eyeshadows for glam make-up looks and in the evening! Topped with a glittery highlighter you're ready to go looking and feeling glamorous.

I would highly recommend these palettes for anyone who is looking for either single glitter shadows or palettes. These are good value for money and the range of shadows are amazing - something for everyone. I can't wait to create some evening glam looks and share these with you follow me on Instagram @emmapavier and @girlsmouth to see these soon!

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A girl's must-have summer essentials


Hello girls, and welcome to a new segment featuring on Girlsmouth's website. My name's Emma, and it'll be posting once every 2 weeks something beauty related! (so schedule it into your calendars and never miss a post!) I have been de-cluttering my make-up bag for Summer, as we tend to wear less make-up - unless we want to go out wearing full glam make-up - then we'll have to adjust our projects to ensure they are Summer PROOF - and by this I mean, won't slip off your face in the heat!! I noticed from doing this, that there were a lot of products which I don't always reach for that was making a re-appearance in my make-up bag which made me think that this'll make a great post.

Here's my list of must-have make-up items this Summer:
•L'Oreal Hydra Genius Liquid Care Combination Moisturiser
•L'Oreal Lucent Magique Skin Luminating BB Cream
•Benefit POREfessional Primer
•Avon True Nutraeffects Tinted Moisturiser
•OG Original Girl Bronzer
•MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle Highlighter
•HD Brow Palette
•Doucce Punk Mascara
•Chanel Lipstick in Parfait
•Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I'd love to know what staples you have in your make-up bag this Summer! Let me know in the comments.

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My tips for Summer make-up:
•Always wear an SPF!
•If you have oily skin - don't forget to blot your skin or use powder!
•Setting Spray is your right hand in the Summer - it'll lock your make-up in place all day long!
•Prep - always prep your skin with a moisturiser I purchased the L'Oreal Hydra Genius following recommendations from Youtuber, Imogenation and it's a perfect light-weight moisturiser which provides lot's of hydrating and leaves your skin looking glowing - currently on offer in Boots for only £6.66 so go grab yourself a bargain! Also, don't forget to use a primer - my favourite is the Benefit POREfessional, but there are cheaper alternatives out there on the market, and for an alternative I'd recommend NYX primers
•Highlighter is also an essential, let that skin glow girl - you wanna' look snatched to the high heavens with that ultimate glowing skin which can be created using the L'Oreal Luminating BB cream
•Sunglasses - if you're just running out of the door doing errands, and want to look put together without any make-up big sunglasses are the perfect essential!

Now we have covered our beauty essentials, let's not forget our favourite tans. From following Girlsmouth I have learnt a lot about the must-have tans out there, I'm still trying to get my hands on the St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula tan that a lovely member posted on the group which was later featured on their Instagram it legit looks like the most insane instant tanner out there! (Hence why it is sold out ins stores ALL of the time!) so, as I couldn't get that tan I went for the second recommendation on the group which was the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam which may I add is INCREDIBLE - beats all of the tans I've used to date, adds such a flawless tanned colour to your skin without clinging to any dry patches and looks very natural but buildable. For removing tan, I'd recommend picking up their tan eraser from the same range - I have never ever since tan come off in under 5 minutes without rigorously scrubbing it off with an exfoliator - which hurts in they end! So thank you girls for recommending my new favourite tan of all time!

I also cannot live without Micellar Water in the Summer, good riddance to make-up wipes (unless it's super late and you're taking your make-up off in bed - then we should use them as a last resort!) the L'Oreal Micellar Water is perfect to re-fresh your skin and to remove your make-up off at the end of the day whilst toning your skin at the same time - who doesn't love a duo purpose product!


I had to feature my go to Summer perfume, which is the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle a lovely Summer scent and it makes me feel super glamorous having this in my hand-bag and I store my bottle on my beauty station. What's your Summer go to scent?

Thanks for tuning in, see you soon! Emma x

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