Megan De Freitas-Griggs
Megan De Freitas-Griggs


1) SAUCY BBQ SPACERAIDERS -These crisps are very rare to find but if you do seriously grab as many as your arms can carry. The luxerious taste of BBQ will make you feel like you need to have 100 packets to feel satisifed these are so adicitive and at only 20p each what more can you even ask for. No big super markets sell them as far as i am aware of but you can purchase them online from places like amazon or your local little corner shop! Dont miss out!!

2) EYLURE BROW TINT -With having extremely dark brown eyebrows i recently dyed my hair black and it really did not suit the different colour contrast. Eylure Brow Tint comes in 4 different shades which is Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and Black. They retail at around £5.99-£6.5 depending on offers and where you go. I purchased mine from Superdrug but your normal Boots or Asda im sure would supply them too. It comes with the liquid activation drops and then the dye and you mix it together with the spoon provided and then place it on your eyebrows for 5 minutes max! So it is very fast and effective...There is enough for 4/5 uses and if you already have thick eyebrows like myself you would get a lot more use out of the product. Every girl needs a pamper day!!

3) GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! -This book is by Sarah Knight which is part of her 2 part special and the second part. The book is simply about how to just stop worrying about what you should do so you can then finish everything you need to do and then you can start doing what you want to do! It's mouthful I know aha! The first book is 'The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k' which I have also read and is absolutely key to just life! If you ever worry about what people think or have insecurities this will wipe everything away and make you feel so good about yourself and you can have such a laugh with the book because Sarah writes about things we have all been through!

4) LOVE CLOCK -I purchased this Love clock from Asda a few weeks ago but have been in love with it the moment I saw it. With the clock in the centre of the 'o' it really does just create a warm sense of home around your room! Whether you have it just resting on a table or hung up on your wall like I have you will adore it! The little heart shape dials of the clock makes it look even more girley! Must not miss out on this little scorcher!

5) MAKE-UP STORAGE HOLDERS -Believe it or not but if you type the above in Amazon you will be completely shocked with the prices of just a piece of plastic but of course one of my favourite places, which for those of you who don't know is Primark!! They managed to do it again doing little storage containers for only £1.50 and £3. One of them comes with 2 draws which are small but good for holding lipsticks or in my case I hold my sfx make up in them. The other one contains 6 lipstick holders perfect for holding your prized Kylie Jenner lip kits if you are lucky enough to own any! Don't waste your money!! Get the Primark ones now!!


1) SILICONE SPONGE -I know the last few months these little things have been all the rave but honestly they are not worth the money. The sponge does not bounce the foundation or concealer into your skin like abnormal beauty blender because it's not what the material is designed to do. It leaves your face looking soooooo patchy and dry. Over time you will just use the same if not more foundation trying to build the coverage and if anything you'll end up wiping it off and starting your make up again because it looks shocking!! Stick to the beauty blender is what I say!

2) WASPS So it's getting into that time where I want to lay in my garden or in a pub garden and have a nice cocktail and just relax. Then the one thing I have a huge fear over which is wasps come swarming in to come attack me like I've done something wrong. Life is just not fair! It's just a complete HELL NO from me!

3) MUSHROOMS I know a lot of you will disagree with me but I can't even deal with how much I hate mushrooms. I think they are completely vile..I believe they literally just taste like nothing but it's the texture and the smell that just destroys me. People that put mushrooms in there dish or will have it with a fry up scares me because it sends a shiver down my spine. But because I'm weird I will eat a chicken and mushroom pot noodle! Don't ask guys but it's still a HELL NO!

4) STUCK UP PEOPLE Recently more than ever I have hated the way society acts towards eachother the hostility between girls is just not right we need to stand strong and empower eachother. I went to town the other day smiled at a girl and she just looked at me up and down now that is just GOD DAMN RUDE! I love smiling at people and when people smile me back I get a little giddy feeling! Don't be stuck up guys always be loving or it going to have to come snatch you and teach you some manners!

5) WRONG FOUNDATION SHADE Last but not least for today is having the wrong foundation shade. If your starting out in make up I will leave you be..but the girls who think it looks ok to walk out with shade 400-Ebony when they should be a 65-Ivory is just not ok! It looks awful and is not make up skills. At every make up counter will give you a free match to your skin they will ask you whether you are dry/oily or combination skin type if you don't know what that means just ask them and 9/10 you will find a better foundation than you thought anyway! Always check your shade otherwise it could be a HELL NO situation.

Thank you girls for reading my page! See you in 2 weeks!! 143 X