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Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson

Buy Buy Buy or Bye Bye Bye?

Hello and good morning (afternoon? Evening? Depending on where you are in the world!) and welcome to your tape...

Jokes, but I hope you appreciate the 13 reasons why reference. This is my first time ever posting some sort of blog let alone on the GIRLSMOUTH website! So be kind!! I'm going to run you through my top 5 baby buys and my top 5 baby bye bye's (as in I wish I hadn't wasted my money on these...)

Please note that these are my own personal views, and are not intended to insult and/or belittle any products mentioned below. These are my views and not those of GIRLSMOUTH.

Ok so moving swiftly on, I'm going to start with my BABY BYE BYE's (put your purse away Doris)

BYE BYE BYES! (My top 5)

Coming in at number 5...
Grow Egg Room Thermometer- now whilst initially I thought this was the best thing since sliced bread, and using it religiously for a month, it's now sat in the bottom drawer of my cabinet not being used..like old socks that you can't quite bear to throw away. On the plus side it was handy for a week, cute to look at if you get a little penguin case for it, doubles up as a night light...and well erm... that was it for me. Could have spent £20 on McDonald's and been equally as amused.

Number 4... DUMMIES. Lots and lots of bloody dummies, that I decided in the end to not even use!

Number 3... baby jeans. So cute yet so impractical, ladies just stick to cute leggings or baby grows..honestly they'll live in them for at least 2 months. A little hint, keep the tags on your jeans because there's a 99% chance you'll take them back to ASDA.

Number 2.. baby bouncer chairs. AKA clothes hanger in the corner of my bedroom. I don't use it, it has some creepy ass baby music that is destined to give anyone nightmares and SHE. BLOODY. HATES. IT.

And number 1 bye bye bye... drum roll please... ISSSSS

Stand alone baby baths. You know the ones you put on the floor? No thank YOU my back is already comparable to that of an 80 year old and THESE. DO. NOT. HELP. I don't care if they're pretty and have Winnie the Pooh printed on the bottom of them I do not recommend... no no no honey no.

Buy Buy Buys! (My top 5)

Number 5- BIBS. Lots and lots of bibs. I honestly must have bought about 50. They're EVERYWHERE in loads of different cute mummy appealing patterns (who can resist mummy's little bunny bibs??? I mean come ON) and I promise you you'll lose 99% of them. Trust me on this one, buy LOADS. 40 of them will end up in the wash at the same time, either covered in baby chunder or dribble. 5 of them will mysteriously vanish, 3 you will lose down the back of the sofa and the 2 remaining will be used to within an inch of their life and/or covered in Calpol. Buy more than you think you need!

Number 4- Baby bath thermometer. I use tommee tippee one, saves me so much worry and time! There's no second guessing your elbows (still make sure you check though!!)

Number 3- Sudocrem and coconut oil. At the beginning the nappy rash my little girl had was soooo bad, I tried the yellow metanium stuff everyone recommends...nope. Put a smidge of coconut oil on and it was gone the next morning like magic. Sudocrem I use at every nappy change to prevent it and touch wood no nappy rash yet!

Number 2- Teething keys. It's never too early to buy teething toys, the Nuby keys are a firm favourite, however she doesn't like them cooled or frozen so room temperature it is. Pair these with Anbesol and you're good to go!

Number 1- Isofix car seat base. YES YES YES. Beautiful big kisses go to whoever thought of this idea! Gone are the days of me faffing around with seat belts to find they're too small to go around the car seat. It's literally plonk her car seat on the base, wait for the click and we're set! Saves so much time and faffing on (and the inevitable waking up of said baby in the car seat)

Added extra's that didn't quite make it in to my list-

Repetitive laughing lion toys that only have one giggle.
Baby nail clippers.
Crochet blankets (thanks mum I take back that your knitting was boring)
Baby parasol that clips on to the back of ANY chair.


And that's it from me for this fortnight! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know on the group if you did.

Love you bye

Product Review's

Personalised Bag

So I got this absolutely adorable personalised bag for my little girl and I am in LOVE WITH IT it is so perfect and cute like come on??? Appreciate it with me!! It's such good quality and the embroidering is 😍😍. Best bit about it??? It's MASSIVE it's honestly nearly bigger than her, there's plenty of room for nappies..change of clothes..bibs... toys...another change of clothes for when she's inevitably sick... teething toys...more bibs for all the dribble..and another set of clothes too! It also means that I can deviate from my trusty "yummy mummy" changing bag and get back to some sort of not mummy reality..and yes you guessed it this means PRINCESS my lovely very expensive MK bag that's been stuffed to the back of the wardrobe can make a reappearance! Woohoooooooo!!! For anyone interested Eva's bag is from A Little Scarlett Rose on FB, Instagram @alittlescarlettrose check them out they do loads of personalised bags, gifts, frames that are perfect for birthday presents or for grandparents! They also do mugs for us mummies to have our fabulous 30 minute overdue and very cold because lwe've forgotten about it coffee!


Pelican Bibs

I bet you're thinking "what the heck is a pelican bib?!", I promise you it's not a bib for a bird!

Here are what pelican bibs are:


They are basically a bib with a deep pocket at the front that catches all the crumbs (aka the bits of food your little one gets everywhere but in their mouth).


  • Cleaning up after meal times is a lot quicker and easier

  • Really easy to wipe down and wash

  • Can be rolled up so they can be squeezed into your bag

  • They work! The amount of food that is in the pocket after a meal is crazy

  • They last for ages

  • Are decently priced too (depending on where you buy them from)


  • They don't catch every bit of food that misses their mouth

  • They can stained by certain foods and baby foods

  • Yes they roll up but they're still not the smallest things to carry around.

I am personally a big fan of these! Weaning is fun but it's messy too, these bibs sure do help with the mess though. I would really recommend them to any parent!