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Anastasia Beverley Hills Pallete

Brand: Anastasia Beverley Hills
Product: Modern Renaissance pallete
Rating: 8/10

So if you girls havent heard of this pallete where have you been!? The ABH modern Renaissance pallete was this winters must have item! I had to bite the bullet to buy this because I have wanted it so long! At £41 it was one of the most expensive make up palletes I have but it is definitely worth the money!! The pallete comes encased in a pink crushes velvet case which you cant really see in the picture. The swatches I did don't do the colours justice, there are a few colours that aren't the most pigmented but with a few layers do stand out on their own, the rest are amazing!! Love Letter and realgar are my favourite colours by far. Tempera, Buon Fresco and Venetian Red can be combined and used for a simple spring/summer look. You can do this by putting Tempera on the inside of your eyelid followed by Buon Fresco in the middle and Venetian Red on the outer section of your eye, then get a fluffy blending brush provided in the pallete and blend the colours evenly to produce a bright smokey eye. For a more daring look you can use Love Letter, Realgar and Venetian Red and put some Gold glitter in the center of your eyelid for those sunny summer festivals and nights out.

Love Me Beauty

Brand: Love Me Beauty
Product: Subscription box
Rating: 8/10

Review: So I am not sure about you girls but I have always wanted a beauty subscription box! I want it to arrive in the post with all my favourite brands and amazing new products that I love! Obviously that doesn't happen 😂😂 However Love Me Beauty subscription box is not far off!! At £10 a month and 3.95 p&p you can't go wrong! You get 60 'credits' each month and YOU choose what you want in each month's subscription box from a range of sample products they have to offer costing different credits. You do need to be on the ball as they only stock a certain number of the samples and popular one sell out fast!! My first week I chose Make up forever HD loose powder, Welda Age revitalizing concentrate, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade 'outlaw'. Not only does the box come quickly you get a free make up bag each month. Subscriptions are either 1, 3, 6, or 12 months so you choose the package right for you! If you sign up with the code GEORG4085641 you will receive 30 free Credits to use whenever you wish and can get your own code to gain credits too! So If you are wanting a subscription box where you choose what you get this is the one for you!!

Collection Concealer

Brand: Collection
Product: Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rating: 9/10

What can't I say about this concealer!! This is one of the best (and cheapest) concealers I have ever used!! Who said cheap isn't good!? The concealer comes in a little lip gloss type of tube and has a stopper to stop excess product from being wasted. As a very pale person I find even the lightest of colours are too dark but not with this one! The concealer comes in 3 colours Fair, medium and dark. It's nice and creamy but not too thin not to have good coverage and it lasts for a long time. The only problem I have ever faced with this concealer is that it does oxidize and go a slightly darker colour but it still stays pale enough to use as a concealer. If you haven't go this I would seriously recommend it!! You can get it at any drug store and it cost approximately £5. You will not regret it!! xx

Megan De Freitas-Griggs
Megan De Freitas-Griggs

My Reviews

Pure Glow Highlighting Palette

Brand: PS/Primark Product:
Pure Glow Highlighting Palette
Rating: 7/10

The Pure Glow Palette is a dupe for the well known Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit! Some of you will be thinking ''Oh my goodness indeed one!'' Well you are right! They are amazing and at a price of only £5.00 can you go wrong? With 4 fantastic shades suitable for all skin shades it's a real diverse palette even suitable for eyelid highlight. The shade Desert is a snowy white highlight to create a nice glow for all the pale girls out there to make you look like a diamond without the greasy look! Glimmer is a more bronze for all the tanned girls who like a nice strong glow and is by far my favourite!! Moving on to Firefly which is the darkest shade in the palette but still gives that amazing golden glow that we all dream of. Last but not least is Eden which is extremely similar to Jeffree Star Peach Goddess my last review! Although the pigmentation in these highlights aren't the quality of the higher end brands which explains my 7/10 not higher, with building the coverage up you can really achieve the glow you all want!ENJOY!x

Hydrating Mist Spray

Poduct:Hydrating Mist Spray

Primarks Hydrating Mist Spray is from there wider range of beauty products and i was so extremely surprised when i saw this product and so interested to try it as some higher end brands have not yet cracked the correct formula for a good spray that actually works. It states on the bottle it has cucumber and Aloe included in the ingrediants. It includes it is suitable for all skin types and is dermalogicaly tested. Coming in 100ml bottle for only £2.00 i thought it was very fair priced, a nice packaging with bright vibrant colours to catch the eye of its purchasers. The product in itself sprays easily on to the face and leaves a slight glow to the face before applying any make up. As a girl that suffers very badly with extra dry skin this product really does work! The smell has no fragrance so can be classed as good or bad for you lot out there but at least it cant be over powering. It takes around 25/30 seconds to start to dry but you still feel hydrated and can see that you look so much more raident. Overall this product really does exceed expectations and makes me happy that smaller brands have nailed it.

Jeffree Star Skin Hightlighter

Brand: Jeffree Star
Product: Skin Frost Highlighter In Peach Goddess
Rating: 9/10

This is the first skin frost highlighter I have purchased from Jeffree Star and is by far the best highlighter I have ever used. I'll start off with the packaging. It comes in a hot pink package with the star logo in silver metallic which is just one of the points that makes him a luxury brand. The pan size is 15g of product to tell you in comparison a standard Mac one is only 10g. There is also a full sized mirror too which is fab! The highlighter itself is extremely eye catching with such a fantastic finish, really giving you that POP!! It feels so lightweight and can be easily blended and even used as an inner corner eye shadow or brow bone colour. Peach Goddess is even fantastic for you pale girls who want to glow without looking like a tin man!! The peach effect is fantastic for them natural or smokey eye night out looks! If you are looking for your holy grail and to glow to the gods this is the product for you! Although costing £25.50 it is 10000% worth the buy!

Superdrug Heating Face Mask

Brand: Superdrug
Product: Sugar& Spice Self Heating Mask
Rating: 10/10

Review: I brought this from Superdrug as I was extremely curious with the fact it said self heating. It was also only 79p... You simply dampen your face with warm water and then start rubbing the face mask into your face and you feel a extremely warm sensation to your face. It is extremely a relaxing sensation! You can do this to the whole of your face avoiding the eyes and mouth. Once you have rubbed the mask into your face using a finger or brush like I did just leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. I noticed such a glow to my face after and my pores was free from dirt. Would 10000% recommend this as its cheap and easy accessible for everyone! By far the best I've ever had!!