Weight loss stories sent in from our viewers to help you motivate and spur yourself's on. If you have a story that you wish to express and feature on the website please send in to girlsmouthUK@hotmail.com.

Kayla Dawn Story

Hi my name is Kayla Dawn and I'm 20 years old. At age 17 I was prescribed birth control pills and anxiety medications. I started eating more and exercising less, as the BC made me constantly hungry and the anxiety medicine made me so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. On top of that, at the time, my boyfriend and I didn't have anywhere to cook so we were constantly eating fast food and getting takeaway. In less than a year I gained almost 70 pounds (about 5 stone). I literally would look in the mirror and not even recognize myself. I had to buy all new clothes that just didn't fit how I wanted them to. I hated how I looked, I avoided taking pictures, and I was appalled at what I did to myself. I tried weight loss shakes but they didn't work for me. Then my "friend" at the time convinced me that the only way I could lose weight was to barely eat anything at all. I started to only eat one tiny meal a day, which only made me start to feel more depressed and tired. I still wasn't losing any weight and I knew I wasn't go about it healthily so I gave up on that "plan" too. I essentially gave up on dieting and myself for over a year. I started feeling sick all the time on top of being depressed and self concious. I couldn't even walk up stairs without feeling winded. New Years 2017 I decided to make my resolution to try to be more healthy. I didn't set a weight loss goal in mind, I just wanted to be healthier and I wanted to be happy with myself. I knew extreme dieting and exercise weren't the way to go for me, so instead I started to make some lifestyle changes. I cut out soda, coffee and any sugary drinks completely; I started drinking a lot of water; and I quit eating fast food/takeaway altogether. A few of the ways I improved my diet was by starting to snack on fruits and veggies instead of crisps, eating grilled chicken instead of fried, and eating a few eggs for breakfast instead of sugary cereal, etc. I also started to be more active. However, I knew I didn't like traditional workouts, so I found things I didn't mind doing like walking, hiking, tennis, dancing, etc. With just being active 3-4 times a week and improving what I ate/drank I instantly started to lose weight and bloatedness. In just two short months a noticeable improvement happened (from the pictures in the red top/black shorts to the pictures in the gray shorts). I started feeling better, had more energy, could walk without feeling breathless, and most importantly; I started feeling better about myself. I'm not scared to take or be in pictures anymore, I don't hate how I look in clothes, and I'm proud of myself for getting healthy and more like myself again. I admit I've plateaued a bit now, and I'm still not back to the size I was before all the weight gain, but after such a vast improvement, I'm happy with where I am right now, and I've still continued the healthier lifestyle. I want all girls to know that if you're unhappy with your body, you can do this. Find what works for you. Make simple lifestyle changes (even one change at a time is okay) and don't be afraid of it taking time. Not every plan works for everyone and not everyone will lose the same after the same amount of time. Most importantly, don't focus on numbers. Focus on you feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident. The weight loss will come along with that. I didn't need to spend a bunch of money on dieting, I didn't need to quit eating or start counting calories. I just needed to fuel my body with better things and stay active. Go on a journey to discover a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally and you might be surprised what your outcome can be xxxx


Cheryl Feaviour's Story

At my biggest I was between a size 18-20 and just over 15st, I lost my weight after coming out of a not very nice relationship. I started getting out more with the children, eating less crap food and started looking after myself but it did take me 3 years to get my smallest which was a size 10-12. I've put on a little since having my son 6 months ago but I'm getting back on track now and I am currently a size 12-14 and weighting 12st 6lb. I waist train most days using a waist trainer, I walk between 3-8 miles a day,  drink plenty of water and eat healthy with lots of lean meat and salads 🙂 if I can do it any one can 😘. Here are my pictures of my progress. 

Talla Jewell's Story

In June 2016, I had a big shock as I was weighing in at my biggest. 15 stone? How did I manage to let that happen? I then looked back and realised it must have been all the take outs, the dinners with friends, and all the fatty foods. You don't realise how much until you look back. I promised myself that would mark the beginning of me changing. Did it happen? Nope! I continued to stay this way for another few months. In December 2016 I had a break up. That only meant one thing.. Bettering myself ready for the next, but loving myself first. So January 2017, I joined Slimming World. My first loss was 4.5lb! However, as the weeks went by, the progress slowed down, and it wasn't all working. So, as well as Slimming World, I would do home DVD's. So I did. And lots more walking! I normally do over 10,000 steps a day. Progress pictures helped a lot, as looking in the mirror I still struggle to see the difference. I now weigh 12 stone. I still have another 2 stone to go until my target weight, but I'm more focusing on toning myself now, so I don't have flab everywhere! The best thing about it all, is my son has stopped telling me I'm big! Here are my pictures of my progress.

Nina Bridge's Story

Well I was always a big girl, it was worse for me because I'm not the tallest person either I was always the fat one in my group of friends used to get bullied about it a lot. It made me so self-contious of myself and I used to cry all the time but then one day I decided to turn my life around and cut down on the shit I was eating. I cut out all fizzy drinks and only stuck to water and fizzy when I was drinking, I started becoming more active  and going to the gym. I was nearly 13/14 stone but with hard work and will power went down to 8.5 stone and a dress size 6/8. Here are my pictures of my progress.