This is our mum's version of the popular "What's in my handbag" video that a lot of YouTubers seem to have done...let's face it, it's so much easier to squeeze your purse and phone into your  baby changing bag!

Come on girls join in with our version and send in your own whats in your baby changing bag video's or pictures and we will feature them

What's in my baby changing bag?

Jessica Morrison
Jessica Morrison
  • Toys - These are here in an attempt to entertain the little one while we're out and about (usually so I can try and eat in peace haha)
  • Disposable bibs - I wont say too much about these here, I'll do a proper review on them instead. They're so handy but if you were to use them all the time, it would be quite costly
  • Snacks - If you have a child like mine that loves food more than life itself, snacks are a must have! There are so many different kinds of snacks you can carry around with you, from fruit to baby friendly crisps. We've all had a little nibble of our little one's snacks - admit it!
  • Pre-made formula - These have been a life saver for us. Once my little one is hungry, boy don't we know about it! Luckily he is happy to drink these at room temperature so we don't have to faff around with boiling water, letting it cool and all that jazz
  • Bottles - Self explanatory but can we just appreciate the cool colours of these bottles
  • Muslin cloth - I prefer to use these than bibs when it comes to bottle feeding. They're great for tucking under the little ones chins to act like a bib but they're also big enough to catch any sick to help save your outfit!
  • Water - a must have to keep the little one hydrated. My little one is still using this free flow cup but will be moving onto a 360 non spill cup that we have (I'll be reviewing that too once we've used it for a decent amount of time)
  • Dummy and dummy clip - Not going to lie, I've never used a dummy clip but I carry one around with me, just in case. This dummy is made to look like a fish (not that you can tell from this photo), it's so cute
  • Bonjela teething gel - I'm still in two minds whether this stuff actually helps with teething or not
  • Calpol - Every parent needs Calpol in their changing bag, you never know when you might need it. I'm 25 and I still use Calpol myself haha
  • Teething granules - Again, I'm in two minds as to whether these help with teething or not
  • Infacol - I don't really use this much anymore, it was mainly for when my little one had reflux, but you never know when you might need it
  • Factor 50 kids suncream - Can't be too careful when it comes to little people's skin!
  • Sudocrem - Always handy to have
  • Anti-bacterial wipes - Perfect for wiping things that fall on the floor, wiping over highchairs/changing tables etc and to be honest, they're really handy
  • Baby wipes - You can never have too many
  • Travel changing mat - Some changing tables can be dirty so I give them a wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe and then lay this down
  • Nappies and nappy bags - for shitty situations haha!

For me there are so many baby changing bags to choose from but this is "the one" for me!


Not only does it match my pushchair really well (Silvercross Chelsea Wayfarer if you're wondering) but it's big enough to fit everything I need in it without looking massive. It comes with a travel changing mat, bag organiser and even has a thermal zip pocket on the side which helps to keep bottles warm.
Depending on how long we're out for and what we're doing, the contents of my changing bag might change but this is typically what I tend to lug around with me on a daily basis: